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Directors and officers liability (D&O) insurance is meant to protect the company and its management from financial indemnity that is requested following wrongful acts by the company’s directors and officers. It covers the compensation costs and legal fees that may be requested after being sued by an employee, an investor or a regulatory body.

What is the maximum cover you should have?

Estimating the optimum limit of liability you should have under D&O is not an easy task. Each and every business has a different risk exposure. The limit of liability needs to be enough to cover the legal defense expenses as well as court settlements. Understanding the risks and coverage will help you estimate the maximum cover you should have.

Do I need D&O if I run an SME?

D&O is not just designed for listed companies. It is also relevant for SMEs as it will cover them if they are sued over breach of contract, wrongful termination, security fraud, failure to comply with laws and regulation or cyber liability.

How much will it cost?

The D&O insurance premium is based on many factors like company management profile, legal history, and the company revenue and debt. For SMEs in Asia, we can get quotes for USD 1,500 with a low annual limit. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Are D&O and commercial general liability insurance the same?

No, D&O is different from commercial general liability insurance (CGL). CGL insurance focuses on direct damages/incident caused to a third party, but it won’t cover the management if they are being sued directly. D&O offers a broader cover for the company and its management.

Is D&O insurance compulsory?

Though D&O is never compulsory, it is usually requested by investors prior to investing in your company. This will protect their investment from any wrongful act of the management. Also, if you want to attract talent, you will need a D&O in place as many candidates will not accept a leadership or board position without a proper D&O in place. Contact us if you have any questions about D&O.

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