Industry-related Insurance Solutions

Each industry has a specific set of risks. A school does not have the same risks as a financial institution, so each insurance policy should be tailor-made to that specific set of risks. Understanding those risks requires a good knowledge of each industry.

At Clema Risk Solutions, our expertise allows us to design specific industry-related insurance solutions. These plans are tailored for each particular industry, in order to cover the widest range of risks you may face in your day-to-day operations.

What does it cover?

Each policy can be customized to cover the specificities of each business. If you take a professional indemnity policy, standard wording will cover 80% of every company’s risks. However, covering the last 20% will require you to negotiate with insurers to include specific extensions that are useful for your type of business. And no one knows, better than you, the nature of risks you are facing with day-to-day operations. Spending time discussing the nature of problems you may face will help us design the right policy. Our expertise with other players in the same industry will then do the rest, enabling us to design a policy that covers all your risks.

Expertise matters

Most business insurance solutions are complex and can’t be bought online. An insurer will require a lot of information from you to underwrite your risk and your insurance intermediary will need to understand your business to advise you properly. It is therefore important to work with intermediaries who have good expertise in your industry so they can design a coverage adapted to your requirements.

At Clema Risk Solutions, we employ our knowledge and expertise to provide valuable, tailor-made solutions to cover our client’s needs.

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